Essex Rustic Hope Chest Walnut - Chelsea Home Furniture 85422219-C-W

Essex Rustic Hope Chest Walnut - Chelsea Home Furniture 85422219-C-W

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Essex Rustic Hope Chest Walnut - Chelsea Home Furniture 85422219-C-W For three generations Chelsea Home Furniture Brands has strived to bring comfort to your home


What makes heirloom quality furniture It s knowing how to turn a house into a home

85422219-C-W Features RusticWhite pineWalnutThe finishing in the white pine with a seven 7 step acrylic make it almost waterproof.Manufactured with a northern, slow growth and close grain, the white pine employed in this piece is acquired in Main and New Hampshire

Chelsea Home Furniture proudly offers the Essex Rustic Hope Chest Walnut handcrafted with the heirloom quality furniture, custom made for you

It s clean lines, ingenuity and impeccable construction derived from solid American woods, not veneers or printed finishes over composites or wood products the best nature has to offer

It s creating memories

It s ensuring the furniture you buy today will still be the same 100 years from now! Every piece of furniture in our collection is built by expert American furniture artisans with a standard of superiority that is unmatched by mass-produced composite materials imported from Asia or produced domestically

Many pieces are signed by the craftsman that produces them, as these artisans are proud of the work they do! Made in U.S.A

Our wide selection of quality made products will transform a house into your home

The backs of the case pieces and the bottoms of the drawers are luan panels that make this piece really solid.Actual product weights may vary based on the thickness of wood used

The drawer boxes and some supports are made from local southern pine

This make our products durable and long lasting

This rare standard is evident through our use of the finest materials available, such as Northern, slow growth, close grain, white pine we acquire from Maine and New Hampshire and white cedar from Michigan

With any wood products, expect some color variances, deformities and knots that come natural.No Assembly Required Dimensions 64W x 19D x 22H Approximate Weight 44 lbs.