Caution Printed Tape-2.0 Mil-2

Caution Printed Tape-2.0 Mil-2" X 110 Yards-360 Rolls = 10 Cases

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As a company amidst the fast pace of industry, it’s easy to miss certain items that can simplify, improve and protect your products throughout the shipping and packaging procedure


strong Caution Printed Tape /strong also offers as dual ability as it can be used for warehouse, retail store, schools, offices and so many more places as a warning sign for a constructed area

Although 3 sup rd /sup party couriers tend to be brutal throughout the course of transit, this tape forewarns them of the fragility of the package

Caution Printed Tape is a product that boldly notifies packing teams and couriers of the importance of the inner contents

Caution Printed Tape is an acrylic tape that is able to endure various elements such as dirt, dust, moisture and inclement weather conditions

Items such as glassware, electronics, and pottery to name a few, are a must have for Caution Printed Tape when they are being packaged

Our Caution Printed Tape offers bright white and red colors that commands attention and allows handlers to beware so that your packages remain intact

This tape is equipped with strong adhesive qualities that ensure your packaged will be secured and void of damage during transit

This tape will safeguard individuals from hazards so that companies avoid liability claims and even more important, their patrons and workers remain safe.We at ShippingSuppliesByMail.Com are your complete source for providing high quality Caution Printed Tape at a discounted price alongside swift order delivery

We aim to make sure you re prepared with the finest in industrial packaging and shipping goods. /p